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Your benefits with spized

Buying sportswear for your team can sometimes be tricky to organise. At spized, we offer all the tools you need to make the process as simple as possible. Learn more about why you should choose spized to help design a custom look for your team.

Innovative 3D technology

At spized, you can design your sportswear in just a few steps using our 3D configurator. You decide which colours, patterns and motifs suit your team best – there's no limit to your creativity. Our design tool will allow you to create a fully customised look for your team, rather than relying on a template design.

Let your team vote!

Not sure which of your designs your team will like best? No problem! Let your team vote on their favourite look and get instant feedback. Simply save various drafts in your customer account and let your teammates decide using our integrated voting tool. Once you have selected a winner, you can complete your order in just a few clicks.

Delivery in 2 weeks

At spized, you can rely on short delivery times all year long. We will produce your custom sportswear and deliver it to you as quickly as possible. With a production time of just two weeks, we are one of the fastest suppliers on the market. If you're worried whether you will receive your order in time, simply give us a call. We will inform you about the current status of your order and find a suitable solution together.

Functional textiles for high performance

We source our materials from Italy, using only functional fabrics that are tailored to your sport. These include tear- resistant materials for contact sports, aerodynamic fabrics for cycling, and breathable textiles for our running gear. We use only the best materials to produce our wide range of sportswear. Working together with product designers, athletes and industry experts, we develop textiles built for high performance. Want to try before you buy? We will happily send you a sample set so that you can test out our products before you complete your order.

No minimum order quantity

Many other sportswear providers only produce custom jerseys once a certain order quantity has been met. On top of that, costs and delivery times are often disproportionately high. As a result, custom shirt designs have long been a luxury reserved for professional teams. spized is here to change that! We offer you the option of ordering as many items as you need, whether it's just one jersey or a whole kit, and our delivery times will always remain the same. If you have any questions about ordering individual items, just contact our customer service team.

Sustainably and ethically produced

We say no to mass production in Asia, cheap labour and large warehouses full of stock. We source 100% of our materials and work exclusively with suppliers based in Europe. We regularly monitor our production sites to ensure they comply with European standards. We also ensure sustainable production and avoid overproduction by producing only the amounts ordered by our customers. Our products and dyes are Oeko-Tex certified and therefore meet the highest quality standards.

Attractive discounts

With spized, you benefit from scaled pricing based on quantity ordered, which can see you save up to 60% on the purchase price. In addition, you could even be entitled to our club deals for larger orders. Based on the total number of items in your order, we guarantee you a fixed rate for each individual product that makes up your basket.

Reorders at a fixed price

Reorders can be a real pain and take up valuable time having to go through the whole process again from scratch. With spized, you can reorder your design for the same unit price of your previous order even years later. In just a few clicks, you can reorder your original product as many times as you want. In addition to producing custom jerseys, we also want to ensure that your team are kitted out for many years to come!