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Fast delivery times
No minimum order quantity

Your benefits with spized

Buying team sports items can sometimes be awkward. We will make it as easy as possible for you. You can find out here why you should bet on spized in the future.

Innovative 3D technology

At spized, you can design your sportswear in just a few steps using our 3D configurator. You decide which colours, patterns and inscriptions suit your team best. The scope for design is limitless. Gone are the times when you had to decide between a few standard designs. With our design tool, you become the designer of your team.

Let your team vote!

Are you unsure whether your design is actually to the taste of your team colleagues? No problem! Just let your team vote and get their feedback. Simply save various drafts in your customer account and let your colleagues decide using our integrated voting system. Once you have selected a winner, you can complete your order with just a few clicks.

2 weeks production time

At spized you can rely on consistantly short delivery times throughout the year. We produce your self-designed sports items within a very short time and ensure that you can hold them in your hands on time. With just 2 weeks of production time, we are one of the fastest suppliers on the market. If time is short and you are unsure whether you will actually receive the goods in time, you can simply call us. We will inform you about the current status of your goods and find a suitable solution together.

Functional textiles for top performance

We rely on Italian functional fabrics that are tailored to the profile of your sport. Tear resistance for contact sports, aerodynamics in cycling, breathability in running. The area of application requires a complex material quality. Together with product designers, competitive athletes and scientists, we develop textiles for top performance. Not yet convinced? Then let us send you a free sample set of jerseys

We produce from as little as 1 unit

Many providers on the market only produce custom jerseys from a certain order quantity. In addition, the costs and delivery times are disproportionately high. As a result, individualised products have been reserved to date for teams at the professional level in particular. We are changing all that! You can also get individual items from us on request. It doesn’t matter whether you order one item or 500. The service and delivery times are always the same. If you have any questions about your item, just contact our support team.

We believe in sustainability

Mass production in Asia, low wages and large stocks? Not with us. We procure 100% of our materials and services from Europe. We regularly monitor compliance with European standards at our production sites. We also conserve resources and avoid overproduction through contract production. Our products and colours are Oeko-Tex certified and therefore meet the highest quality requirements.

Attractive discount system

In general, with spized you benefit from attractive graduated prices, some of which give you more than 60% off the purchase price. In addition, you are entitled to our Club Deal System for a larger purchase quantity. Based on the large total order quantity, we guarantee you a fixed price for each item, no matter how many products you accept, within this context.

Reorders at a fixed price

Reorders can be a real pain. Sending logos and graphics again and the subsequent waiting times can sometimes cause a lot of stress. At spized you can still order your jersey after several years at the price you paid for your last order. With just a few clicks, you can re-order your original product you designed yourself. We want to be more than just a jersey producer. That’s why we rely on a service with which you will always be satisfied.