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Design your own volleyball jerseys

In our 3D kit designer, you can easily create your own volleyball jerseys

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Design your own volleyball jersey now

Create your custom volleyball jersey in 5 steps

1 Choose between different volleyball products and open them in the jersey configurator to add logos, designs, and colours as well as player names & numbers.
2 In the 3D tool, you can choose between 17 preset volleyball designs and over 50 colours. This makes your volleyball gear unique to your team.
3 Unusual patterns or exciting colour gradients can also be added. If the preset designs do not meet your specifications, this is where you can really let loose.
4 Upload your volleyball logo, team crest, player numbers and names with a few clicks. No matter how many elements you want to have on your volleyball T-shirt, the price is always the same.
5 You can't decide on a volleyball jersey design? No problem! Use the voting tool and let your volleyball team pick their favourite design.
Open the 3D Designer

Design your own volleyball jersey now

Create your custom volleyball jersey in 5 steps

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    Create your own shop now for free

    Are you responsible for your team order? Communication, collecting money, handing out jerseys ... A lot of work is waiting for you, right? Our team shops are the solution! Whether for team members or fans. With Spized you can create your own shop with just a few clicks. You do the design, we take care of the rest!

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  • How can we, as a sporting goods company, make a contribution to a more sustainable use of our resources? We will soon offer many of our articles in an ECO version (100% recycled PET polyester). Feel free to contact us now for more information.

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Design your own custom volleyball clothing!

We are putting an end to boring volleyball jerseys. We believe in individual contract manufacturing and your involvement in the design process. This helps us save on costs, which we pass on to you, and also helps to achieve a real personal touch with your new volleyball clothing. At the end of the day, it always means more to make something yourself. Don't you also find it dull how little volleyball kits vary between all the different volleyball teams? With our wide range of products, volleyball teams will find everything they need to start the upcoming volleyball season. With the help of our 3D kit designer, you can become your volleyball team's designer. You have the choice of 17 preset designs from which to select your favourite. A large colour palette gives you the option to customise almost every aspect of your volleyball jersey. In addition, you have the option to freely place player numbers and player names as well as volleyball logos on the volleyball clothing as you wish. Logos or club crests can be easily added via drag & drop. There are no additional costs for the customised printing of your volleyball gear. All printing costs are already included.

Printing volleyball shirts – our printing process

The sport of volleyball has always enjoyed great popularity. Thanks to large volleyball projects like the Berlin Recycling Volleys in Berlin or events like the DVV Cup Final in Mannheim, the sport has become increasingly professional over the years. A growing media presence around volleyball is drawing more and more sponsors who want to advertise on volleyball jerseys. We use the sublimation printing process to make sure their logos still show up in full colour even at the end of a volleyball season. During this printing process, dye is vaporised into textiles using a special transfer process. This provides a high level of colour fastness, which means your custom-designed volleyball clothes will look like new even after countless wash cycles. Do you still have your volleyball jerseys printed or even flocked using conventional methods? This results in brittle logos and peeling numbers, an annoying and probably very familiar problem for every volleyball player. Thanks to sublimation printing, these problems are a thing of the past. The print offers impressive durability and high resistance. Unlike volleyball shirts that are printed on top of the fabric, sublimated shirts also retain their unique material properties (e.g. breathability).

Volleyball clothing for women, men and children

We offer high-quality volleyball clothing for every age group that can be fully customised. Our jersey designs take into account the specific characteristics of volleyball. This is one of the reasons why our volleyball articles for women/girls and men/boys differ. In addition to classic short sleeve volleyball jerseys and shorts, we also offer sleeveless volleyball tank tops and tight-fitting trousers in the women's range, which can be fully printed and customised. This means we can offer the right volleyball clothing for every volleyball team. You also have the option of designing your own volleyball tracksuits, hoodies and polo shirts. In our 3D kit designer, you can kit out your volleyball club according to your own preferences and imagination. Does your volleyball team have a team motto or slogan? And do you want to have it printed on your volleyball shirts? No problem! You don't need to worry about printing costs with us. These costs are already included. Which gives you 100% freedom to design with no additional costs.

We set the standards – the benefits of using spized

Every volleyball team knows this problem. The new season is just around the corner and you're waiting for your volleyball kit. At spized you can not only create custom volleyball uniforms, but also enjoy our consistently short delivery times. It doesn't matter whether you order a single volleyball jersey or 100 volley tank tops. We deliver in 2 weeks. Reorders are possible at any time, even years later. Your volleyball jersey designs are saved in your customer account. This means that you can react quickly, even when new players are hired at short notice. The full value chain for our volleyball collection is based in Europe– from fabric production to printing and finishing. Our volleyball clothing is tailored to the exact needs of volleyball players and has been tried and tested under competition conditions. Our made-to-order production process enables us to counteract overproduction and protect our environment as a result. We offer your volleyball club special discounts for larger order volumes. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our advice.