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Design your own custom table tennis shirt

Create your personalised table tennis jersey design in our 3D configurator.

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Product overview

  • No minimum order quantity

  • 100% made in EU - Request sample now

  • Fastest production and delivery times on the market

How to design your own table tennis shirt

Create your own table tennis clothing in 5 simple steps:

1 Select an item from the product overview and open it in our 3D configurator.
2 Choose a design template and then pick your favourite colours from our palette of over 50 options.
3 Add as many text elements, logos and graphics as you like, wherever you like, without any additional costs.
4 Give your table tennis shirt a unique look with special patterns and colour gradients.
5 Have you created several table tennis jersey designs? Let your team choose their favourite with our voting tool.
Open 3D configurator

How to design your own table tennis shirt

Create your own table tennis clothing in 5 simple steps:

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  • Team shop

    Create your own shop now for free

    Create your own shop now for free

    Are you responsible for your team order? Communication, collecting money, handing out jerseys... Sounds like a lot of work! Our team shops are the solution! Whether for team members or fans, spized allows to you to create your own shop in just a few clicks. You do the design – we take care of the rest!

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  • Sustainable sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    How can we, as a sporting goods company, make a contribution to a more sustainable use of our resources? We will soon offer many of our products as eco-friendly versions (100% recycled PET polyester). Feel free to contact us now for more information.

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Custom table tennis apparel for your team

Create unique table tennis designs in spized's 3D configurator.

Creating your own custom table tennis clothing is simple

With the help of our 3D configurator, you can quickly and easily make your own custom table tennis jersey design. If you find the process of having table tennis shirts printed too complicated, then spized will change your mind. While you normally have additional printing costs for table tennis clothing, as well as the issue of finding logos in the correct format and resolution, you don't have to worry about that anymore. As part of our design check, we vectorise your logos free of charge. That means you can concentrate your table tennis jersey design. Aren't you tired of the same stock designs that only differ in colour? Unique colour combinations and patterns finally make your table tennis shirt completely unique. Names, numbers and sponsor prints are already included in the price. Simply upload graphics in the configurator and place as many elements on your table tennis shirt as you want.

Conventional printing is a thing of the past

Do it like the pros and design your own custom table tennis shirt. We use a proven sublimation printing process to bring your ideas to life with the help of our 3D configurator. While conventional table tennis shirt printing consists of many different steps and takes a lot of time (buying the shirt, commissioning a sports retailer with printing, finding logos in high resolution etc.), these steps are merged into one at spized. Designing your own table tennis clothing means that all printing is already integrated into the production process. This has many advantages. The printing costs do not increase due to the application of multiple motifs, the breathability of the material is maintained, and you table tennis shirt will retain its colour despite repeated washing. Sublimation printing also allows you to integrate photo-realistic motifs, such as sponsor logos.

Personalised & unique table tennis clothing with spized

Our table tennis clothing has an optimised cut with a shortened front section of the jersey. This reduces fabric resistance and increases comfort. All materials are Oeko-Tex certified and therefore proven to be free of harmful substances. The entire production process takes place in Europe and allows us to guarantee fast delivery times. Besides our classic table tennis shirt, we also offer shorts, polo shirts, tracksuits and hoodies in our table tennis shop range, which of course can also all be fully customised. With the help of our 3D configurator, you can easily create your own table tennis collection and have a lot of fun doing it. All orders are stored in your customer account and can be reordered at a fixed price even years later. For larger club orders, we also offer attractive discounts. Just contact us and we'll send you a personalised offer.

Our sustainable production process

Being able to design your own table tennis jersey means that everything we produce is unique. Overproduction and discontinued models that you get with mass production are a thing of the past with our sustainable production process, which takes place 100% in Europe. Therefore, we can offer fair working conditions and simultaneously bring our table tennis clothing to your home in a more environmentally-friendly and faster manner. How does the order process work? Just create your design in our 3D configurator, add the names and numbers of your team, then submit your order. Our graphic designers will check over everything and make any necessary improvements for free. After cutting the pieces of fabric, they are printed with your very own design. Next, the individually printed parts are assembled or sewn together. Finally, your table tennis clothing undergoes quality control before being shipped to you. You can go from design to delivery in just 2 weeks, all with sustainable production, as well as high quality and 100% personalised goods. You can only find that at spized.