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Our vision

We inject colour, creativity and personality into the world of sportswear. Everyone should be able to look and feel like a pro with your very own custom sports clothing!

Sport allows you to express yourself

Sport is about so much more than just exercise. It serves to connect us, to bring us closer together, and allows us to achieve things that we never would have thought possible. It is a venue for self-expression, where your team quickly becomes like your second family.

Your sportswear should do the same

As multifaceted as the world of sport is, the same can't be said of sportswear. Team sports in particular are littered with the same old standardised kits that don't leave much room for self-expression. We found ourselves asking why something that is the norm in professional sport can't be possible at every level?

We make that possible

Suppliers of custom, high-quality sportswear are rare. Often, customers are confronted with high prices, minimum order quantities, a complicated design process and long delivery times. At spized, we provide a solution to all those problems to help bring your sportswear to life!