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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions & answers. If you have a particular concern, don't hesitate to call or write to us.

3D configurator

Yes, that’s absolutely possible. You can select another product using the “+” button on the lower left edge. Your current draft remains saved and you can call it up again at any time via the product bar at the bottom and configure it further.
Names and numbers are only processed in the final ordering process. Within the configurator, we only use placeholders to give you an idea of the end product. This means that you do not have to determine all the names and numbers of your group members in the configurator, but can focus completely on the design process. After you’ve submitted your order, we place the number (99) and name (player name) from your details on the order form.
Yes. You can change the colour in the configurator at any time according to your preferences under the “Colours” tab. We are happy to use specific colours for you upon request at no extra cost. It is also possible to adjust the colour of the jersey to a logo without any problems.
Under the “Logo” tab, you can upload the file you want using drag and drop and then move it as desired. The file size should not exceed 10 MB. Our help lines will help you position the logo correctly. Alternatively, you can also use our option “Centre logo” in the menu bar.
In principle, the configurator accepts all normal file formats. If what you have is more exotic and you encounter problems with the file upload, you can simply contact our customer service. We will help you with the implementation or find a solution for your problem together.
You can save each design created in your user account. All you have to do is create a free user account. To save a draft, press the save button in the configurator. Your designs are then stored in your account under the tab “Drafts”.

Ordering process

Simply open the configurator and you will be guided through the individual configuration stages step by step. First, you choose a basic design. Then you decide which colours are best matched with the design. If desired, you can place names, numbers and lettering and specify the desired font. In the last step, you can upload any number of your own graphics & logos and arrange them freely on the product. All the costs are already included. You can find a more detailed explanation here.
After receipt of your order and our review, the order goes into production. After 2 weeks, we will send your items to the address you have given us. The shipping time of our logistics partner is usually 2-3 days. We provide you with a tracking number in your user account. This way you can see at any time where your package is currently located.
We currently do not offer express production via our shop. If you are in a hurry, just call us. Together we will find a solution so that you can hold your sports items in your hands on time.
No! We do not have a minimum purchase quantity. We produce from as little as 1 piece. Since high fixed costs are incurred in the production of individual sports articles, we have decided to adopt staggered prices that reflect the production costs 1:1. Accordingly, the costs for the 1-piece production are slightly higher. However, the unit price drops quickly, so that you are already at the price level of a qualitatively equivalent item of clothing from the sports retailer from 3 units, assuming they have not been individualised.
Yes. Simply log into your account with your customer password. The jerseys you design will remain in your account until you decide to delete them. Orders from the past can be re-ordered easily. The price that you paid for your last order applies regardless of the order quantity.
Yes. You will be offered the price you paid on your last order. Our graduated prices do not apply in this particular case. Why do we do that? We want to make the purchase of jersey more sustainable, simpler and also more attractive in terms of price. We know that in the course of a season there is always a need for additional jerseys. This could be because of a new player, trainer or supporter. For this reason, we want to offer you the best possible service in this case. We ensure that your team can always count on the same price.


We recommend that you order a free sample set. This is the best way to find out what size you need. In the product details, you will also find the exact dimensions in cm for each item under the menu item “Size chart”.
We make sure that our sizes correspond to the “standard” dimensions of sporting goods. Accordingly, it is unlikely that you will be surprised by a difference in size. However, since there are no standardised sizes, we cannot guarantee that. We therefore recommend that you always order a free sample set. Alternatively, you can use the size chart for orientation in the product detail view for the respective product.
Yes. Simply use our sample form and we will send you the items immediately. Then you have 14 days to examine the product and try out the size difference. Please note, that we only pay the costs of the outbound shipment. The return shipment is at your expense. We cannot offer return shipments free of charge.
The outbound shipment is free of charge and any costs are covered by spized. For the return shipment, the usual costs for the shipment to Germany are incurred.

Printing procedure

All products at spized are 100% sublimated. In sublimation printing, all components of the configured design (colors, numbers, motifs, etc.) are transferred to the material using a special heat method. For this reason, no cotton products can be sublimated, as they would start to burn. We therefore generally use substances based on polyester. The material is easy-care, breathable and meets all the requirements of the various sports.
The sublimation process is superior to traditional printing or flock for several reasons. These are just a few reasons, you can find further benefits here:
  • Full design freedom without restrictions
  • 100% breathable, since the product is not subsequently glued on
  • 100% colour fast, even after the 100th washing cycle
  • Durability, since the print does not become brittle or break
No. The functional properties remain unaffected. This is the advantage of this particular printing process. In other printing processes, the permeability of the material suffers because the material is covered and thus this restricts the breathability. In addition, the print cannot be washed out, does not crease, is not brittle and does not break. For this reason, sublimated products are more durable and you enjoy your sports equipment for longer.
No. All numbers, names, inscriptions and motifs are included in the price. For the number of motifs such as sponsors, you have a completely free hand. More is not always better, but with us, at least there is no additional cost. So you can go mad. For this reason, our printing system is particularly attractive for clubs and teams. Look for a few smaller sponsors, place their logos on the jerseys and get the jersey financed in this way.
You can place as many logos as you want. No additional costs are incurred.
In general, the following applies: The larger the image or file, the better. We recommend using a vector file because it is not based on pixels and can therefore be scaled up to any size. However, you can also use more common file formats such as .jpg or .png.
A tip: When you open the file on your computer, the motif should be about the same size as it will later be on the product. In case of doubt, however, we will definitely contact you if we see there is a problem.