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Design your own cycling jersey!

Create your custom cycling jersey in the 3D kit designer now.

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Design your own custom cycling t shirts with ease

Create your custom cycling clothing in 5 steps

1 Select your cycling clothing in the product overview and then open your cycling jersey, cycling t shirts, cycling shorts, bib shorts or windbreaker in the 3D kit designer.
2 Then choose from over 50 colours and different designs to create your own perfect combination and design your own cycling jersey.
3 You can easily load logos and crests as well as numbers and names into the 3D kit designer and position them individually via drag & drop.
4 You can add patterns or colour gradients as desired. This is one way to lend your individual cycling outfit an extra special look.
5 Finally, you can use our voting function to let your cycling team choose from a selection of design ideas.
Open the 3D Designer

Design your own custom cycling t shirts with ease

Create your custom cycling clothing in 5 steps

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  • NEW: Design your own MTB jersey

    Our mountain bike collection is now available in the 3D designer!

    Our mountain bike collection is now available in the 3D designer!

    Are you passionate about mountain biking and want to design your own MTB jersey? No problem. From now on, you can design your mountain bike jersey completely according to your ideas in our 3D configurator. Whether you want to change patterns, colours, colour gradients or sponsors, it doesn't matter. Every change is already included in the price. We are looking forward to your designs!

    Design your own MTB jersey now
  • Are you responsible for your team order? Communication, collecting money, handing out jerseys ... A lot of work is waiting for you, right? Our team shops are the solution! Whether for team members or fans. With Spized you can create your own shop with just a few clicks. You do the design, we take care of the rest!

    Find out more about team shops
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Here's how it works – design your own cycling clothing

There are many success factors in cycling, and these must be carefully selected in order to ensure that everything fits together perfectly. From your bicycle to your cycling clothing – at the end of the day, the smallest details are crucial. With the help of our 3D kit designer, you can create your own customised look for your bike outfit. You can also incorporate your own colour ideas and personal preferences. Simply send our customer support team your ideas via email or contact us by phone. When it comes to designing your cycling t shirt, no limits are imposed on your imagination. Your own designs, lettering, or logos can be placed anywhere and dragged from your desktop directly into the 3D kit designer with a click of the mouse. There are no additional costs. Your personal design makes each custom cycling jersey unique. By mountain bike through the Alps, by racing bike through the Westerwald or by trekking bike along the Moselle. Give your tour an individual touch with a custom-made outfit! Custom printed Cycling Jerseys were never that easy to get.

Printing cycling jerseys made easy

The quality of a road cycling jersey is crucial to making sure that you can focus on the essentials. This applies as much to the fabrics used for the cycling jersey as to the printing. That’s why we rely on sublimation printing. The design you create in the 3D kit designer is transferred to the cycling jersey using a special paper. This process enables us to achieve sophisticated designs. Even photorealistic images are no problem. This special printing process fuses the dye into the fibre so that the two become a single element. No washout or fading. Your cycling t shirt maintains its breathability and will still look like new even after 100 wash cycles. No matter if you are on a road bike or mountain bike. In cycling, optimum moisture wicking is crucial to your well-being. In contrast to classic printing methods (e.g. flex printing), spized does not print onto the surface of the garment but rather creates the print during the manufacturing process. Design your own cycling shirt here at spized.

Design Cycling Jerseys your way – step up a gear

Our cycling products are developed by professionals and meet the highest standards. With us, flat seams, reflective piping and key pockets are standard. Whether strenuous mountain tours or relaxed flatland stretches, you'll be perfectly equipped with custom cycling jerseys by spized. It doesn't matter whether you are preparing for a professional bike race or for your next cycling trip with your partner. We have the right clothing to suit every need. Whether cycling clothing for the winter or the height of summer. With us you can design your own cycling clothing for every wind and weather condition. MTB or mountain bike clothing? Racing bike jerseys for men and women? Gilets or wind vests? Cycling shorts? In our online bicycle shop you will find a large selection of high-quality and completely customisable cycling products. With your individualised cycling jersey from spized, your look will be sure to outpace other riders. So let's shift into the next gear together and make sure that your cycling team is a real eye-catcher!

printed Cycling jerseys – sustainable, high-quality and individual

We believe in the sustainable production of sports goods. On-demand production means that we avoid overproduction and wasted material. We only produce what we actually sell. We live in a time in which people are thinking more and more about where their clothes come from. The sporting goods industry in particular has been subject to criticism in the past. We are proud to manufacture 100% of our cycling clothing in Europe. We rely exclusively on high-quality Italian sports textile fibres that have been specially developed for the requirements of cyclists. We are in constant communication with athletes and scientists in order to continuously improve our and your future individual cycling clothing. Which is why we can confidently claim that our product lines are always state of the art. Moreover, our technological innovations including the 3D kit designer save on costs during the design process, which we then pass on to you. Thanks to fast processing times, we are able to deliver your order just 2 weeks after receiving it. Custom-made cycling wear in record time. The days of minimum order quantities for custom cycling clothing are over! You can also order one-off items from us. Your designs are stored in your customer account, making reorders possible even years later. Just see for yourself and start with the Design and Creation of your own Cycling Shirt!