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The ordering process

In just a few steps you can design sportswear that is truly unique at spized. Here we explain how you proceed.

1. Choose a product

First, you navigate to a sports subpage (e.g. football or handball) via the menu or our home page. From there, you can reach our product page. Here you can choose between different product categories such as jerseys, trousers and hoodies. Then simply open the product in the 3D configurator to design the item.

2. Choose your favourite design

As soon as you have opened the product in the 3D configurator, you can decide between different design variations. Here you have the choice between dozens of different standard variants. Changes to the design are immediately indicated in our configurator. The spized logo is integrated on all variants as standard and cannot be removed.

3. Colours and patterns

The next step is to customise your design. Each piece of clothing has different numbers of levels that can be designed. In addition to a colour from our colour palette, you can also assign a pattern to the level (e.g. left sleeve, right sleeve) according to you preferences. The pattern can be enlarged or rotated as desired. This allows you to create creative, unique designs that you’ve never seen in this form before.

4. Numbers required?

In competition club sports, numbers on the jersey are usually mandatory. You can place these as you like on your jersey using the number button. Since numbers usually have fixed positions (e.g. centre back), we have predefined standard fields for you. This facilitates the position definition. However, you can also change the position as desired. Font, outlines or backgrounds can also be set. We only use a number placeholder. You tell us the correct numbers during the ordering process. There are no additional costs for the numbers.

5. Add name

It’s names that make jerseys really unique. However, in practice, the high printing costs are often a barrier to this. With us all the costs are inclusive. Set a name placeholder, change the font, or add a border or background. Nothing is a problem. As with the numbers, you only have to send us the names in the final ordering process.

6. Add a text

Do you have a club slogan or a slogan that characterises your team? You have the option of defining a free text field and giving your outfit a personal touch. Simply enter your motto and then add this. You can then define different font types, sizes and positions as with any customary text editor.

7. Add logos, emblems or graphics

In the last step you add one or more graphics to your jersey. Of course without any additional costs. Our configurator accepts all the standard file formats up to 10MB in size. In principle, the following applies: The larger the image, the more likely it is that the logo will have a high resolution. If a logo falls below the minimum requirements, you receive a corresponding warning message. In general, we recommend vector formats, as they can be enlarged without loss of quality. But don't worry, we will check your draft and warn you if there are any problems.

At the end of the day, we always make the final check.

We check each draft manually before it goes into production. So you can rest assured that a trained eye will be checking all the settings once again. If there are any problems, we will notify you immediately to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the result.