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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find a solution to your issue, don't hesitate to contact us.

Some items (e.g., the cycling jerseys) run smaller than, for example, fashion garments. Therefore, please do not rely on your standard size! We recommend that you make use of our free sample service. You will only have to pay the return shipping costs, which is the best way to find out which sizes you need. In the product details, you will also find an exact measurement in cm for each item under the "Size chart" tab. 

Most of our products are also available for kids. You can find them in the product overview of the respective sport or bundled under this link.

You choose the sizes in the order process according to age (6 years, 8 years etc.). If you feel more comfortable with sizes, you can either look them up in the size chart on the product detail page or you can find them here: 
6 yrs 116 cm
8 yrs 128 cm
10 yrs 140 cm
12 yrs 152 cm
14 yrs 164 cm

Yes, you can! Since we don't have a return policy, it's important that you determine the correct size beforehand. The easiest way to do this is with our free sample service, where you only have to pay for the return shipping. All samples are printed, so you can get an idea of our product and print quality at the same time.
We currently offer sample shipping for Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. All other countries in the EU are possible on request, but you will have to reckon with higher costs for return shipping. Please email us for this.
Ihr bekommt von uns 14 Tage Zeit, die Muster in Ruhe anzuprobieren. Danach schickt ihr sie bitte in unser Kölner Büro zurück:

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Hinweis: Der gesamte Service ist für euch kostenfrei, die Kosten für den Rückversand tragt ihr jedoch selbst.
Since we work with graduated prices, all our customers receive a completely transparent and attractive discount, regardless of any unpleasant enquiries. On the product detail page of your desired item, we have a calculator that directly displays the appropriate price for the quantity you want.
Important: The displayed price is only valid for the selected item and design. If a parameter changes, such as the design or the gender, the quantity for the second item starts again from the beginning.

We only produce for you on order. This has the advantage that we do not have any overproduction that is later shredded. However, this also means that we have to manually set up the production line again for each product and thus incur costs. As soon as you order more than one copy, we can allocate these costs and there are savings with each additional copy. We want to pass on these savings to you in a completely transparent way with the graduated price. 
Not at all! Thanks to the graduated prices, we not only have a transparent pricing strategy, but above all we only communicate the final product prices. Because no matter how many logos, names, or numbers you add - the price doesn't change!
All you have to do is open the finished design in the configurator and then click on the "+ Add product" button at the bottom left. There you select the new product, confirm the request to transfer the design, and it will be transferred automatically. You only need to fine-tune the logo size and placement.
Important: This only works for products of the same sport. For example, you cannot transfer the design of a handball jersey to a basketball jersey.

To do this, you have to use the "Name" function when creating the design to insert a placeholder that will be displayed on the product as PLAYER NAME, RIDER NAME or RUNNER NAME. In the further ordering process you determine which size belongs to which name or number. If you place the placeholder more than once, the same name will be printed more than once. In principle, you can place the player name anywhere. Our standard placements give you a guide. You can test how the names and numbers will look later using the preview function as soon as you have inserted the placeholder. You can also check the selected font for its properties and, for example, special characters.

Yes, initials work like player names and you will also find them under "Name". However, initials are limited to four characters. You can also place them multiple times, but the same initials will always be used. You can display them for each player via the preview.
If you would like to have a personalised nickname in addition to the player name, for example, this is not possible via the configurator. You will have to order a special design for this. However, you can add initials in addition to the player's name to make your jersey even more personal.
For the back numbers, you can choose from all one to four-digit numbers. In addition, it is also possible to place punctuation marks or letters, which is particularly relevant for coaches and trainers. Currently, however, it is not possible for the first digit to be a zero. If you wish to do so, please reply to our order confirmation immediately after placing the order and communicate the change request, e.g. "Please change Claudia's back number from 7 to 007".
Our configurator accepts almost all graphic files (eps, .es, .pdf, .ai, .svg, .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff). If you have display problems in the configurator with an .svg file, please contact us. Important: In principle, the file size should not exceed 10 MB.
You can use our standard placements for this. In addition, our guide lines and the insertion of distances will help you with vertical and horizontal placement. To make the inserted logos on two different products (e.g. home and away jersey) the same size, you can scale them to the same size (height or width) in the configurator. If you want the same logo on both sleeves or on both side inserts, you can simply mirror them.

For this purpose, you have the option of using different levels in the configurator. You are probably familiar with the logic from various Microsoft programmes, for example, and it can be controlled via the two corresponding buttons.

Our printing process works with coated Pantone colours. So if you send us a Pantone C colour code, we will be happy to make the changes for you. To do this, please reply to our order confirmation by email immediately after placing your order and communicate your change request. Important: Web colours (RBG, Hex etc.) or other colour codes are unfortunately not sufficient.
Yes, we are happy to help you with this as well, as long as it is a minor change that can be easily implemented. Email us with a corresponding sketch to before ordering. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate of the effort and feasibility.
Important: The changes will extend the delivery time of your products by a few days, depending on the effort involved! If you are not interested in minor changes but in the creation of a completely individual design, you will find further information under special design.
For the best result, we need the best possible print files. That's why we check them before production and contact you if there are problems with the resolution, for example. If you would like to make minor changes, such as a removed background or a differently colored logo, but can't edit it yourself, that's no issue. We will be happy to make these small adjustments for you. Simply reply to the order confirmation after the payment process and explain your wishes in a short e-mail.
Important: This must be done immediately after the order, otherwise the order will be processed without your wishes. In addition, your changes may affect the delivery time.
Of course, a proper team appearance also includes an away kit. To do this, simply duplicate the home kit in your design's folder with the "x2" button and then only have to adjust the colors. The logos, player names etc. are already in the right place.
Our delivery time is 12 working days. Immediately after your order, we will send you the estimated delivery date, which may be postponed due to public holidays, shipping delays or similar.
With a delivery time of 11 working days, we are one of the fastest suppliers on the market and are working hard to become even faster. However, we do not currently offer express options.
Once you are working on your design, it is important that you create an account to save the finished design. As soon as the design is ready, you can put it in the shopping cart and complete the ordering process. Once you have ordered the product, you can always re-order it - regardless of the order quantity, for the price of the first order!
No! We believe in the magic of individualized sports articles and therefore want to make them available to all athletes - even if they only need one copy. However, as a group or team, you can benefit from our attractive graduated prices if you purchase a larger quantity.
We currently ship our products within the EU, to Switzerland and the UK. We are currently working hard to ship to even more countries in the future. You can find everything about shipping costs here.
We offer the most common payment methods (PayPal, credit card, SOFORT Überweisung and Google/Apple Pay), so you should have no problems with the payment. A few hours after placing your order, you will receive an invoice from us by email, which you can then pay in advance by bank transfer. Important: Since the products are individualized and there are therefore no regular return options, we only start production after receipt of payment!
Since we produce the sporting goods exclusively for you after your order, we only start production after payment and therefore do not offer purchase on account. There are exceptions for companies with a valid VAT ID in the EU and clubs. Please contact us in advance!
Once the order has been processed and approved by us, unfortunately no more changes are possible, as production is started directly in a fully automated process.
To simplify this work for you, we offer digital team lists. As soon as your design is ready, you can simply assign the order to a list and save yourself unnecessary work. The team lists are also saved in your account and can be shared, e.g. via a link, so that the team members can fill them out themselves. The team lists remain in the account and can also be used for further orders.
Unlike other sporting goods manufacturers, we don't sell items from a collection that we can take back into stock after a return. Since the spized products are made especially for you and according to your wishes, there is no right of return.
All our products are 100% sublimated. In sublimation printing, all components of the configured design (colours, numbers, motifs, etc.) are transferred to the fabric together using a special heat process. Sublimation printing is therefore probably the highest quality printing process currently available. Since cotton would burn under the heat, we only use high-quality functional fibres for our sports articles. In this way, we can also guarantee that the products meet all the requirements you have for sports textiles.
In addition to the razor-sharp print quality and the resulting design variety, the sublimation process is superior to traditional printing or flocking for other reasons. These include:
  • 100 % breathable and high wearing comfort, as the product is not subsequently glued on
  • 100 % colourfast even after the 100th wash cycle
  • Durability, as the print does not become brittle or fragile
With other textile printing methods (such as transfer printing), the colours are printed onto the fabric, whereas with sublimation printing the colours become part of the fibres. Because the print does not wash out, does not wrinkle and does not become brittle or broken, sublimated sporting goods are easier to care for. The bottom line is that sublimated products are more durable and you can enjoy your sports goods for longer.
No! In fact, the opposite is true: since the high-quality functional fibres are not glued together by advertising spaces, the fabric is more breathable and makes you sweat less.
Nothing! All numbers, names, inscriptions and motifs are included in the price. The number of motifs, such as sponsors, is completely up to you. For this reason, our printing process is particularly attractive for clubs and teams. You can also place smaller sponsors on the jerseys at no additional cost to you.
High product quality is very important to us! That's why we pay extreme attention to the quality of the materials and source them exclusively from Italy and Switzerland. In addition, we rely on a European company for production, which has been known for decades for high-quality sporting goods.
Sustainability is extremely important to us as a company, which is why we produce exclusively within the EU. We also offer the first products made from recycled PET. The running products are already integrated in our shop. Handball, cycling and football are available on request. We will successively expand this range depending on customer demand.
Clubs are the big winners of our offer. Because finally amateur clubs also get a service that otherwise only professional clubs have: Your own shirt design! Apart from the professional, uniform external presentation, which is important for your sponsors, you also have other advantages.
As we ourselves are or have been active in voluntary work for the most part, we are aware of how high the workload can be for individual members of the association. Therefore, it is our endeavour to relieve the volunteers. To this end, we have developed technical solutions. For example, you can manage all team lists online directly with the team. You can find more advantages here.
You also have many financial advantages thanks to the special printing process. For example, we can offer the printing of logos free of charge and so-called "microsponsoring" is possible. This reduces the sponsorship amount per sponsor, as additional sponsors can be integrated at no extra cost. You can find more advantages here.
Our printing process works with coated Pantone colours. If you send us a Pantone C colour code, it is possible. To do this, please reply to our order confirmation immediately after placing the order and communicate the change request.
We are sorry that the size of your order does not correspond to your expectations. It is of course in our interest that all our customers are satisfied. In principle, we offer a sample service and size charts to help you find the right size in advance, which is why a complaint about the wrong size is impossible. However, please contact us so that we can find out together why it didn't work out. Please send us a message via the contact form.
We are sorry that the appearance of your order does not meet your expectations, as it is of course in our interest that all our customers are satisfied. Basically, the principle of "You get, what you see" applies to us. If there are any discrepancies between the view in the configurator and the produced product that lead to your dissatisfaction, we will be happy to discuss with you why it did not work out and find a solution together. Please send us a message via the contact form.