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Special design

If your ideas are difficult to implement with our configurator, you can also use our graphics service. We are happy to realise elaborate designs for you.

Special service for your team

Do you have fixed ideas about your jersey design that you cannot implement in our configurator? We offer you the possibility to create a special design for you. We offer this service exclusively for teams, which is why there is a minimum order quantity of 50 items of your design. However, you can still order in our configurator without a minimum order quantity!

Costs for your special design

When creating a special design, we have to do additional manual graphic work. We have to charge you for this work, as this additional effort is not included in our product prices. The costs are 50 €/hour, whereby the total costs then depend on the amount of work involved. However, they amount to at least three hours per product. We will be able to estimate the actual cost as soon as we have seen your template.

This is how the process works

  1. You send us a detailed request for your special design (see below). 
  2. As soon as we have all the information, our graphic designers get to work. 
  3. We send you the 3D view of the first design. 
  4. Based on the 3D view, you give us feedback on what we can still optimize. 
  5. After the design has been created, we will upload the draft to your account, and you can place your order.

We need the following information from you:

  • Which product(s) do you want? Please select the appropriate products on the website! #
  • We need a clear briefing on how the design should look. We would be happy to send you the pattern as an open file and you can work in your ideas. This can also be a drawn sketch. However, it is clear that the more detailed the briefing is, the faster we can realise it and the cheaper it will be for you! 
  • All logos must be supplied by you 
  • Colour preferences can only be taken into account in Pantone C values. 
  • We will upload the finished design to your customer account. Therefore, we need the e-mail address with which you created your customer account.

Experience shows that the approval process for the design takes a few days to a few weeks. Especially if you want several articles, you should therefore be patient! We will start with only one design and as soon as it is approved, we will transfer it to the other articles.

The delivery time is extended by a few days for a special design.