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Design your own custom MTB jersey

Customise mountain bike shirts now in our 3D configurator.

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Product overview

  • No minimum order quantities

  • High-quality fabrics - 100% made in EU

  • Current delivery time: 12 working days

How to design your own custom MTB jersey.

Create custom mountain bike shirts in just 5 steps:

1 Select an MTB top from the product overview and open it in our 3D configurator.
2 Choose from a selection of over 50 colours and various designs to help you create your own custom MTB jersey.
3 Stand out from the crowd by adding patterns and colour gradients to your downhill MTB jersey design.
4 Add the finishing touches to your MTB top with graphics, logos and lettering, all at no extra cost.
5 Use our integrated voting tool to allow your friends to vote on their favourite custom MTB jersey design.
Open 3D configurator

How to design your own custom MTB jersey.

Create custom mountain bike shirts in just 5 steps:

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  • Team shop

    Create your own shop now for free

    Create your own shop now for free

    Are you responsible for your team order? Communication, collecting money, handing out jerseys... Sounds like a lot of work! Our team shops are the solution! Whether for team members or fans, spized allows to you to create your own shop in just a few clicks. You do the design – we take care of the rest!

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  • Sustainable sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    How can we, as a sporting goods company, make a contribution to a more sustainable use of our resources? We will soon offer many of our products as eco-friendly versions (100% recycled PET polyester). Feel free to contact us now for more information.

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Create your personalised custom MTB jersey

Design your own custom mountain bike clothing.

Custom MTB jerseys from the spized 3D configurator

Try it yourself! Quickly and easily design custom MTB shirts.

It's never been easier to design your own custom MTB jersey

Discover our spized 3D configurator and design your own custom MTB jersey! Our jerseys are made with high-quality, breathable Italian fabrics and protect you from both UV rays and high winds. spized offers you the opportunity to make yourself and your team stand out from the crowd with unique personalised jerseys. In just a few steps, you can design your own downhill MTB jersey and completely customise it. Add unique colour gradients and include different graphics and patterns at the touch of a button. Do you have several sponsors that you want to be printed on your MTB top? You can add as many sponsors and logos as you want at no extra cost. Design your custom MTB jersey now to make sure you're fully kitted out for your next mountain bike adventure, whether it's through the Alps, the Black Canyon Trail in Arizona or just a session in the bike park. If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you. Just send us your requests or queries by email or give us a call.

Mountain bike shirts with tailor-made printing

Looking to design a custom MTB jersey? Whether for private use, for a team, your next charity event or a long-planned alpine tour, spized can help you create a bespoke downhill MTB jersey. With the help of our 3D configurator, you can design your MTB top to suit your own unique style. Enjoy unlimited freedom not only when riding, but also when designing your downhill MTB jersey for your next adventure. At spized, you will find a selection of jerseys for men and women, with both short and long sleeves. Our MTB shirts are durable, comfortable and multifunctional. They are suitable for ambitious hobby bikers as well as professional racers, and are a great alternative to the usual cycling jerseys. We know about the physical demands of MTB - that's why there are no compromises in the quality of our jerseys. To print your design on your MTB top, including logos, motifs, graphics and patterns, we use a sublimation printing process. Your design is printed directly onto the jersey during production. This means the colours of your shirt won't fade and the fabric will remain breathable. No matter how rough and muddy your MTB excursions might be, rest assured that your custom MTB jersey will look brand-new no matter how often you put it through the wash.

Find your MTB style from our extensive product range

At spized, we offer custom MTB shirts for both gravel and downhill riding. In addition to short-sleeved products, you can also create your own custom long-sleeved mountain bike shirts. Whether it's a men's downhill MTB jersey or a women's short-sleeved MTB top, you can customise every product. Simply choose your design, adjust the colours and patterns and create your own unique item in no time at all. Have you designed a short-sleeved MTB shirt and now want an additional long-sleeved MTB jersey in the same style? No problem. You can easily duplicate your design and place it on a new product. Our mountain bike shirts ensure that you stay cool thanks to their moisture-wicking properties. With our products, you'll make every ride a special one! Our gravel shorts are functional and extremely comfortable thanks to their loose fit and material. If you are unsure about the size, you can easily order a free sample set and try on a downhill MTB jersey before ordering your custom design. Our 3D configurator means you don't have to be a graphic designer to create your own custom MTB jersey.

Sustainable and unique MTB jerseys

Thanks to our 3D configurator, you can design your own custom MTB jersey in just a few simple steps. We strive to give you access to high-quality, custom jerseys at affordable prices. By only producing on a made-to-order basis, we also help to avoid mass production. Our mountain bike shirts are produced exclusively in Europe, therefore guaranteeing fair working conditions, sustainable production processes and fast delivery times. To ensure that nothing goes wrong during production, we double check every custom MTB jersey design in advance before confirming your order. Afterwards, your personalised MTB top is produced and checked for defects. spized sets the highest standards for production and working conditions, but also for the quality of the fabrics. Your custom MTB jersey should last for a long time - that's why we use proven fabrics that will look like new even after countless washes. Our 3D configurator is foolproof; anyone can design their own custom MTB jersey! We also guarantee that you'll have your jersey in your hands after just 2 weeks, irrespective of how many mountain bike shirts you order from us. If you ever want to reorder a jersey, that's no problem. Save your designs in your customer account, share them with friends and (re)order jerseys for you and your team even years later.