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Customize kids jerseys set

Design your individual children's jersey set in the 3D configurator from spized. Choose your sport and get started!

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The advantages of designing your kids jersey set

Print jersey set kids - from 1 pc.
Despite individuality, we also produce single pieces. With children's jersey sets you benefit from discounts.
100% design freedom
Fed up with boring jerseys? Then become a designer and create your own personalised kit for kids.
Shirt set children incl. names and numbers
At spized, you can personalise your kids' jersey with names, numbers and logos without paying more.

Personalise Kids Jersey set

In 5 steps - quick & easy: Print your kids jersey set now!

1 First decide on a sport or the product you would like to design. Then use the 3D configurator to customise the kids' kit as you like.
2 There are 50 colours to choose from, so you can match the kids jersey set to your wishes or to your child's club colours.
3 With unusual patterns you can give your design an unusual look that you have certainly never seen before.
4 How can I create a personalised kit for children? Numbers and names can be added via the menu. You simply upload logos via drag & drop and place them on the functional shirt.
5 When it comes to a kids' kit, there are often several parties involved. Our solution: store different designs in your customer account and let the parents vote on them with the integrated voting tool.
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Personalise Kids Jersey set

In 5 steps - quick & easy: Print your kids jersey set now!

Design your own jersey set for children at spized

If you want to buy a kids jersey set online, the first question is for which sport the kids jersey sets are intended. At spized you will find the right kids jersey set for every sport. From children's football shirts to basketball and volleyball to children's handball shirts. At spized you will find the right kids jersey set for every sport. For each sport, we use specially developed fabric blends that are tailored to the specific characteristics of the sport. Our entire value chain is based on European products that are Oeko-Tex certified (proven to be free of harmful substances) and produced under fair conditions. We offer you the opportunity to order a children's jersey set free of charge in advance. This way you can check the size and print quality. Order a personalised jersey for children? This is how it works: Choose a sport and decide which children's jersey you would like to personalise. Then open the product in our 3D configurator. There you can choose between different standard designs, which can then be customised in terms of colour. You can customise your children's jersey with names, numbers and prints (e.g. club crests or sponsors) via the menu bar. There are no additional costs. The process is the same for a children's kit. In the checkout, you can specify your own numbers and names for each player if you wish. After completing your order, your order will be checked by a professional graphic designer. If, for example, a graphic has a poor resolution, we will optimise it for you free of charge. If there are any queries, we will always come back to you in case of doubt to ensure the best possible result. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to help you with the creation and realisation of your individual children's jersey set.

Flocking children's jersey set or printing children's jersey set

Flocking or printing a children's jersey set? Even though flocking children's jersey sets was the common standard until a few years ago, nowadays there are a number of alternatives that are better options both in terms of price and quality. With flocking or digital printing, jersey sets are subsequently pasted over. In this process, imprints are transferred to the jersey with the help of a special adhesive process. The disadvantages are obvious. Breathability can no longer be guaranteed due to the overstickering in these areas. In addition, the imprint suffers with every wash cycle, which shows in fading colours or brittle structures. In addition, each imprint is associated with costs that depend on the number of colours, the complexity and the size. With the help of sublimation printing, these problems can be avoided. In sublimation printing, fibres and dye combine to form a single unit that can only be released at team temperatures above 200 degrees. Thus we achieve 100% colour fastness with maximum breathability at the same time. In addition, this printing process offers complete freedom of design, which is considerably restricted when printing standard jerseys (e.g. only in the colours black, yellow, green). Thus, flocking children's jerseys is a thing of the past. Why then has the sublimation printing process not yet established itself if it is so advantageous? The background lies in the complexity of this process. Therefore, it has so far only proven itself for very large order quantities. With our 3D configurator, we can outsource the costly design process to you. We pass the savings on to you. This enables us to produce at marketable prices in Europe. Especially for a children's jersey set, we are able to offer prices below those of a standard children's jersey set from Asia due to our scale discounts.

Personalised jersey set children - Football jersey children and much more.

Almost all sports listed at spized have a special equipment line for children. Since the material requirements in the youth and children's area are often lower, especially with regard to their tear resistance, we have decided to only offer our respective entry-level lines in the configurator. Should you not find what you are looking for here, we can also transfer our higher-priced lines to the children's kit on request. In addition to the obligatory children's jerseys, you will also always find the matching children's shorts at spized. The designs of the kids jersey sets can be transferred to the shorts with the help of our 3D tool. In addition, you will also find other items for children's teams, such as tracksuits, hoodies or polo shirts, which can be used for presentation purposes. Of course, these items can also be 100% customised. (1) To personalise the children's sports outfit, open the individual articles in the 3D configurator and design them according to your ideas. After you have completed the order, we will take action. (2) As part of our design check, our graphic designers check your design and make optimisations free of charge. (3) The individual fabric parts that make up the children's jersey are then cut to size. The fabrics used are adapted to the characteristics of the respective sport and are manufactured in Italy or Switzerland. (4) The colourless fabric parts are then printed with your design using a special printing process. (5) The fabric parts are then assembled by hand in our sewing room and (6) go through the final inspection before they are sent all over the world by our (7) logistics department. After only 2 weeks of production time, you will receive your customised children's jersey set.

Kids Jersey Set - Individual, Sustainable & 100% Made in EU

When you design your own kids jersey set at spized, you not only have complete freedom in your design creation - delivery problems are also a thing of the past. No matter if you want to order a single piece or a jersey set for the whole team. We only need 2 weeks from receipt of order to delivery, which is often faster than printing standard items. The individual order production offers various advantages. Not only do we produce exclusively in the EU and can therefore demonstrate fair working conditions. We also only produce what is actually needed. In this way, we avoid overproduction, protect our environment and set a counterpoint to the common practice in the sporting goods trade. Furthermore, due to the shorter transport routes, we are able to keep our CO2 footprint low and at the same time guarantee consistently fast delivery times. You will not find long waiting times because your dealer has to order the desired kids jersey set from the manufacturer first. In addition, we ensure that your children's jersey can still be reordered years later. Our fixed price guarantee for repeat orders also ensures that you always pay the price of your initial order, despite small repeat orders. We make ordering a kids jersey set an experience for you and all the parents involved. In our view, customisation should not be a process behind closed doors. Put different designs in your customer account and start a vote with the help of the integrated voting tool. This way, all parents are involved in the process and can identify with the new design of the jersey set to the maximum.