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Design your own custom rugby jersey

Create a personalised rugby shirt in our rugby kit designer.

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Product overview

  • No minimum order quantity

  • 100 % Made in EU - Request sample
  • Fastest production and delivery times on the market

How to design your own rugby kit

Make your own personalised rugby shirt in just 5 simple steps:

1 Select an item from the product overview and open it in our 3D configurator
2 The spized rugby kit designer offers you a variety of colours and designs with which you can design your own rugby kit.
3 Give your custom rugby shirt a unique look by placing as many graphics and motifs as you like.
4 Make your personalised rugby shirt stand out with our wide range of colour gradients and patterns.
5 Use our integrated voting tool to let your rugby team vote on their favourite designs.
Open 3D configurator

How to design your own rugby kit

Make your own personalised rugby shirt in just 5 simple steps:

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  • Team shop

    Create your own shop now for free

    Create your own shop now for free

    Are you responsible for your team order? Communication, collecting money, handing out jerseys... Sounds like a lot of work! Our team shops are the solution! Whether for team members or fans, spized allows to you to create your own shop in just a few clicks. You do the design – we take care of the rest!

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  • Sustainable sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    How can we, as a sporting goods company, make a contribution to a more sustainable use of our resources? We will soon offer many of our products as eco-friendly versions (100% recycled PET polyester). Feel free to contact us now for more information.

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Custom rugby shirts for your team

Design your own rugby kit with our 3D configurator.

Personalised rugby shirts from our 3D configurator

Try it yourself now and get creative in our rugby kit designer.

Creating your own rugby jersey is simple

Would you like to make your own rugby kit and have it look and feel like what the pros wear? With spized's rugby kit designer, you can create your personalised rugby clothing in no time. The design you create in the configurator is printed on your rugby shirt using a sublimation printing process. No matter how many logos, graphics and sponsors you add to your design, all printing costs are included. Our configurator automatically recognises the resolution of your graphics, which are then vectorised by our graphic design team free of charge. With our rugby shirt designer, you can get your hands on a well-made custom rugby shirt that will withstand even the toughest of tackles. Once you've added your design to the shopping cart and placed your order, there's nothing more you need to do. Our team will take care of everything else.

Rugby shirt printing made easy

Whether it's for your team or for yourself, creating your individual rugby shirt at spized means you can stand out from the crowd during your next game. With spized's rugby shirt designer, it's easy to create a unique look in no time. With our printing process, even the smallest details are quickly and easily printed on your bespoke jersey with outstanding quality. We offer our customers a quick and easy printing process. Unlike conventional printing, which consists of many individual steps, our printing and production process is done in one go. There are no additional costs for our customers. The rugby shirts retain their colour even after countless scrums in the mud and numerous wash cycles. In contrast to conventional printing processes, where the print becomes brittle and faded after a few washes, our logos, player names, numbers and graphics will continue to look brand new.

Our customised rugby apparel is worth a try

Our rugby products are developed by professionals for you. Every step of the production process is thoroughly tested. You can even order a free sample kit to try it out for yourself. From shirts and shorts to tracksuits - you can create any rugby clothing according to your own wishes and personalise it for every occasion. Whether it's league games, team events, away trips or pre-match meetings, with spized's rugby shirt designer, you and your team will be kitted out for every event. If your team is undecided about which rugby shirt design is the best, you can simply vote on which design you like the most using our voting tool. You can also choose between men's, women's and children's designs to bring a smile to even the youngest club members' faces. If you are interested in creating a collection for your whole club, we offer exclusive club deals that are beneficial for larger orders. Simply contact our customer service team and let us consult you on your options.

Robust, sustainable & unique

By ordering a custom rugby shirt from spized, you are doing your bit to counteract widespread mass production. From fabric production in Italy to short shipping routes, we ensure that our products are made in a sustainable way. The production of your rugby shirt design takes place entirely in Europe and is subject to strict regulations that ensure fair working conditions and guarantee fast shipping. In contrast to other suppliers, there is no minimum order quantity with spized. We have also ensured that our rugby designs are hard-wearing due to their tear-resistant material and remain intact even during the toughest tackles. Once you choose your design, colours and upload your graphics and logos, our graphic designers will then take care of your order and make any necessary improvements free of charge. Quality control then takes place before your personalised rugby shirt is sent on its way to you.