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Design your own custom running shirts!

Create your own personalised running tops in our 3D configurator now.

Open 3D configurator

Product overview

  • All printing costs included

  • Fastest production and delivery times on the market

  • New: Our ECO-Tex series made from 100% recycled PET

How to design your own custom running shirt

Create your personalised running top in 5 simple steps:

1 Select a product from our running collection and open it in the 3D configurator.
2 Choose a design for your personalised running T-shirt and adjust the colours to your liking.
3 Add striking patterns and gradients to your running clothes and make them stand out.
4 Place logos, sponsors or your name in any position on your running clothes.
5 Finished designing your personalised running tops? Then let your running group agree on one of your designs with our voting tool.
Open 3D configurator

How to design your own custom running shirt

Create your personalised running top in 5 simple steps:

News from the world of spized

Find out which new features and products you can look forward to.

  • Team shop

    Create your own shop now for free

    Create your own shop now for free

    Are you responsible for your team order? Communication, collecting money, handing out jerseys... Sounds like a lot of work! Our team shops are the solution! Whether for team members or fans, spized allows to you to create your own shop in just a few clicks. You do the design - we take care of the rest!

    Find out more about team shops
  • Sustainable sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    Discover 100% recycled sporting goods

    How can we, as a sporting goods company, make a contribution to a more sustainable use of our resources? We will soon offer many of our products as eco-friendly versions (100% recycled PET polyester). Feel free to contact us now for more information.

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Personalised running tops 100% made in the EU

We place great value on sustainability. Each personalised running T-shirt is made especially for you and is a unique product, meaning we avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste. Our manufacturing is 100% based in Europe and we only use the highest quality sports textile fibres. Each product is tested under competition conditions and is subject to continuous development. Automating many of our processes has enabled us to offer our running products at attractive prices. Automation also enables us to deliver top logistical performance. We can deliver our custom running shirts within 12 working days of receiving your order, which makes us one of the fastest manufacturers in the industry. Do you keep seeing websites where you have to place a minimum order to design your own running shirt? Those days are over! We accept orders from just 1 item. And that means reorders are possible even years later. Depending on the size of your order, you can also receive discounts of over 60%. Your order will be created with the help of our innovative 3D configurator, which enables you to create totally unique personalised running tops. If you have any problems during the process, our customer service will be happy to answer your questions.

Get creative and design custom running shirts

Running means absolute freedom, and we give you that same kind of freedom when designing your personalised running tops. Do you want to celebrate a running event with custom running shirts to match? At spized, you have the opportunity to design running apparel that turn your ideas into reality. Through the use of sublimation printing, we are able to create your design exactly the way you want it. This special printing process fuses colours and designs into the fabric using heat. Printing a running shirt using conventional methods applies the print onto the surface of the shirt. Not only does the breathability of the fabric suffer, but the print often loses its shine and becomes brittle after just a few washes. However, with sublimation printing, the fibres and inks combine, and the properties of the fabric are retained. This means that your personalised running T-shirt will meet the highest standards and offer impressive durability. Create your unique look simply by using our 3D configurator to design your own running shirt in just a few minutes. Finally, let your running group decide which of your designs is best with our voting tool.

Running apparel for men, women and children

Whether you've taken up jogging in your free time purely for health reasons or you plan to run your next marathon in under 3 hours, our personalised running tops are fit for every purpose. In our product overview, you will find running clothes for children and teenagers, as well as apparel for men and women. Whether you want to create your own custom running shirts or running shorts and leggings, we can provide every runner with the right outfit. Are you looking for a light running vest for the summer and a hoodie or long-sleeve running shirt for the winter? No problem - we have the right product on offer for every season. And the best thing is that our products can be customised according to your specifications. With the help of our 3D configurator, you can place your selected graphics and lettering on your personalised running T-shirt however you want at no extra cost.

Design your own running shirt in our 3D configurator

It’s not only important for runners to have the right shoes - wearing the right clothes that look the part is also key. At spized, we offer you the perfect platform to print your very own custom running shirts. With the help of our 3D configurator, there are no limits to your imagination. Whether you want to add logos, lettering or large graphics to your personalised running T-shirt, spized allows you to create something that reflects your own vision exactly. And the best part is that this service comes at no additional cost. Our sublimation printing process is what makes this possible. Each custom running shirt is made just for you and is therefore completely unique. Choose from one of our 50 base colours or send us your own very special colour, which we can then incorporate for you. Then you can choose a suitable design, integrate your own graphics via drag & drop and personalise your running shirt with your own name or your running partner's. Whether for a company run with your co-workers, an obstacle course like the Tough Mudder or your first marathon, with our custom running shirts you can make every event a truly special experience that you will remember for years to come. If you have very specific requirements for your running shirt design, our support team will be happy to help you. Simply contact us via email or phone us directly!