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Personalised face masks

Design reusable custom face masks with your company logo quickly & easily in the 3D kit designer.

Design in the 3D kit designer

To product overview

  • Delivery in 7 working days
  • Washable at 90 degrees and reusable
  • Öko-Tex certified fabrics
  • Double-layered for better functionality

Design masks as give-aways for customers and friends

Create your custom face mask design in 5 steps

1 Select one of our two mask styles and then open it in the 3D kit designer.
2 In the next step you can select from preset colours & designs. If you have an idea based on a specific corporate identity or similar idea, please feel free to write to us and we will be happy to develop it for you.
3 Place any number of graphics and designs free of charge. The configurator can process all standard file formats.
4 You can even add finishing touches to your mask with patterns and/or colour gradients.
5 If you are unsure of your design, you can simply save different drafts and then ask your colleagues for their opinion using our voting function.
Design in the 3D kit designer

Design masks as give-aways for customers and friends

Create your custom face mask design in 5 steps

Fair price model – design your own masks

Our goal is to offer you the fairest possible price. We are not a mass producer. Each of our reusable masks is custom-made for you – from cutting to sublimation (printing), all the way to stitching. That's why we offer graduated price scales and pass the effort for smaller purchase quantities on to you. Starting from a purchase quantity of 10 pieces, however, our prices are at the level of non-customised masks. We use high-quality materials from the sports textile industry. All the products used are Öko-Tex® certified and 100% Made in Europe. To boost functionality, the front side of the mask is water-repellent – the inside of the face mask is treated with an antibacterial coating (Sanitized®).

Reusable masks produced in Europe

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), medically certified masks are unfortunately in short supply at the present time. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. As a manufacturer of sports textiles, we, like many others, have shifted our production to making reusable masks in order to play our part in overcoming the crisis. A mask that covers your mouth and nose can help other people by preventing you from spreading droplets of the virus. However, we want to expressly draw attention to the fact that this is not a medically certified product. Unlike conventional medical masks, our products are reusable and can be washed at 90 degrees. We manufacture exclusively in Europe, under fair conditions, which helps contribute to preserving jobs at our production sites.

Buy custom face masks online

With our online 3D kit designer, you can create your first designs in no time. Our masks are available from €1.67/each, excluding VAT. The goal was to develop a product that uses high quality materials, at affordable prices. Our face masks are supplied with a water-repellent material on the outside and an Oeko-Tex certified material on the inside. The practical elastic band ensures that the mask can be adjusted to fit any head shape. Upon request, we can also send you an offer by email and arrange a term of payment. Simply contact us by phone or write us an email.

From customised sporting goods to printable face masks

Spized's core business is the customisation of sporting goods, which can be designed with the help of an innovative 3D kit designer. Yet the current corona crisis has forced us to reconsider our approach. The obvious next step was to produce printable masks for companies and other interested parties. Personalised protective face masks are an ideal promotional gift that provide real added value for customers. . As a give-away or sent with a greeting, you can communicate your company's care for its employees and stakeholders. In view of the fact that it is already compulsory in many places to cover one's mouth and nose, the necessity of face coverings can hardly be ignored.